döTerra Edible Essential Oils

doTerra has, by far, the cleanest, purest, most potent, and healing essential oils I have ever smelled or used! THE only essential oils that can boast Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is beyond organic and an entire line of products that are FDA approved. This is one of the strongest healing tools in my education program! Everyone that brings their favorite oil and smells the equivalent in the doTerra brand can immediately tell the difference. Smelling is believing! Using is knowing! Contact me anytime you’d like to learn more about these powerful oils and I will teach you how to makeover your medicine cabinet. I’d be happy to send you home with some free samples as well.                  www.mydoterra.com/syncRAWnicity

Learn more about CPTG Essential oil. Get the science behind the claims!



Vitamix Blenders

This is a great investment in your health future! High-speed blenders provide a tool so useful in the kitchen there isn’t much else you” need to make the best smoothies, soups, dressings, dips, shakes, and more! Please contact  J.P. directly at the Vitamix Corporation 800-848-2649 X2303. Use discount code: 06-004239 for free shipping and ask for the 5200 model for $359. Normal prices are anywhere from $500 to $700+ depending on the model you choose. www.vitamix.com



Excalibur Food Dehydrators                                             AFFILIATE ID# 453031

Food dehydrators provide an exceptional way to make many snacks, entrees, crackers, etc. The flexibility of the Excalibur dehydrator makes it my number one choice! The trays can be removed to make room for larger items. You can adjust the temperature to ensure the perfect dehydration per type of food. Excalibur also offers a wide array of other health products such as spiral slicers and sprouters.     www.excaliburdehydrator.com      Please note: if you click away from this site and then back to it you will no longer be connected with my account. Please use the link again from this webpage to make an order.


The Raw Food World

Get everything you need to stay raw in one place (except produce) at the best prices! Join their Benefits Program and receive even MORE discounts! The Benefits program discount CAN be combined with their monthly ‘At-Cost-Specials’ giving you up to 60% off!
The products The Raw Food World supplies support the majority of my raw food eating habits as well as introducing me to what’s new. I also enjoy getting discounts on products I’d like to try, like the QBC EMF Balancing products! Click here to be redirected to The Raw Food World.

Kombucha Kamp

Home of the best organic ingredients and supplies to make your own batch or continuous home-brewed Kombucha. Buying Kombucha from the store can be really expensive! Solution…Make your own. It’s as simple as brewing a batch of tea and letting it sit for a couple of weeks. NICE and easy! Visit Kombucha Kamp to get a free e-Book and DIY guide!

LIV International

Visit www.livonline.net/syncrawnicity use my discount code to receive 20% of your first order at checkout: rawdetox
Green2O ingredients and facts Sheets

90 for Live Youngevity Health Products

I love the mineral products from this company. Dr. Joel Wallach, from Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, leads up this amazing product line that it helping people regain proper nourishing levels of minerals and other nutrients so that their bodies can function the way it was designed.
To join their wholesale club use this link: Youngevity Associate

 Are you ready to be a SUPERHERO?

I’ve been enjoying Superhero training since November 2012. This is the first training program I have continually felt supported and motivated to continue. The lessons, mastermind sessions, group live calls, all the support, the ENTIRE program is SO well put together and SO complete. You will learn everything you need to take your life to another level of existence. If you want something bad enough the lessons you will learn, the tools you will gain use of, WILL get you to that goal!
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“The structure and function of humanity’s teeth, jaw, digestive canal, sense organs, instincts of the young, psychological aversion toward killing, emotional feelings towards animals, as well as the cause and cure of disease and unhappiness, all demonstrate that humans are biologically and primarily raw-plant eaters – primarily consumers of sweet, non-sweet, and fatty fruits, as well as green-leafy vegetables.
~ David  Wolfe